Digital Marketing

Ah the wonderful world of digital marketing. Everyone’s talking about it and everyone’s doing it, right? Wrong. Lots of brands are doing it but in many cases it’s a spray and pray approach. It might work in the short term but realistically if you want to reap the rewards then you need a strategy, and a good one at that!

If you’re not sure where to start, or you’ve been doing some email marketing and a bit of social media, and it’s not really coming together, then let us help you to get back on track.

We at MarketEdge absolutely love digital marketing, for so many reasons. It allows you to connect in real time with your audience, understand who they are and their consumer behaviours, where they hang out and what their likes and dislikes are. If they enjoy long walks on the beach… who doesn’t?! We’re going off key… in a nutshell it brings you closer to your audience. There’s an endless world of data to explore and use in your campaigns which fundamentally allows you to bring the best content to your most valuable asset – your customers – and we can help you with all of that.

How does it work?

From social media to SEO to content marketing and everything in between, we work directly with you to bring it all together.

Our dedicated brand consultant will spend some time with you to establish your goals and focus for the future. We’ll take a deep look into your business goals and strategies, markets and service offerings and devise a digital marketing plan to maximise the impact of your activities.
We can act as consultants to your marketing team (more about that here) or, uniquely, act as your own marketing resource to ensure you’re always on when you need to be.

Good to know: We at MarketEdge take great pride in our work and in the results our clients achieve. We create bespoke campaigns and engaging marketing plans ensuring you are getting the most out of every hour (and let’s face it, Euro) spent.

To find out more about how MarketEdge can grow your business using digital marketing, get  in touch with us now using the form below or send us an email (we love a good email) at

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